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Cover your bases with proven tape backup software.

We’ve been doing tape backup for more than 20 years—and we know how to do it right.

Arcserve Backup will help you simply and cost-effectively:

  • Manage more data in more locations
  • Reduce long-term data storage costs
  • Copy data off-site and to the cloud for disaster recovery and data archiving
  • Monitor systems to actively prevent unacceptable downtime or data loss
  • Ensure faster, more granular data recovery in the event of an unplanned outage

The fact is we’re so good at this, we could do it with our eyes shut and hands tied behind our backs.

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Enjoy leisurely lunches, supported by enterprise-class functionality.

Reduce the time you spend managing your data backups. How?

Arcserve Backup is truly high performance tape backup software. Loaded with enterprise-class functionality, it’s optimized to support your data protection architecture, including:

  • Robust data security measures
  • Data deduplication
  • Centralized management
  • Powerful data storage resource management (SRM) reporting
  • Granular restore for physical and virtual servers

Operating virtual and cloud-based data protection technologies? We’ve got you covered.

Managing complex data and IT infrastructure?

Not a problem at all.

Arcserve Backup is the most secure, reliable, efficient, and powerful tape backup software solution on the market, helping you drive efficiencies and manage data loss risk.

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Discover how much you could save with Arcserve Backup.

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We protected 200+ TBs of data.

If a problem occurs, we need to be able to recover lost data quickly to make sure processes will not be interrupted. If we lose data, we can no longer offer service to the unemployed and their families.”

— Peter SeuB, IT Engineer and Project Manager

Bundesagentur für Arbeit automated data backup for its IT environment—one of the largest in Germany.

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Where is the data protection industry headed?

Wrap your arms around the emerging trends—from disaster recovery and purpose-built appliances to unified technology and all-inclusive licensing.

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100% uptime for any business

With high availability, you can eliminate business disruption.

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Backup and recovery software that gets the job done.

Arcserve UDP takes you from “Do it” to “Done” in no time flat.

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Arcserve data protection appliance

UDP Appliance

Plug-and-play hardware + software.

It’s the enterprise-class backup and recovery solution so simple, your granny could do it.

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High Availability

100% uptime, 24/7/365.

Because your business simply can’t afford to be down.

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