Software Engineering Manager, Hyderabad, India

Job Overview

This position is responsible for all facets of research and development for a specific product or multiple products. Responsibility or matrixed responsibility for personnel management and development. May continue to perform engineering responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage development projects for specific new products or new product releases to ensure process efficiency, effective resource allocation, product quality, and achievement of milestones and deadlines.
  • Assist in establishing goals and tracking metrics to ensure quality objectives are met and recommend process improvements.
  • Work with Marketing to understand and plan for future product release requirements and to ensure promotion of new features and product value.
  • Meet with customers to discuss their technical issues and requirements.
  • Advise on customer education requirements for new products and releases.
  • Maintain communication with Product Advisory Council (PAC) customers and Beta customers as required.
  • Assist Quality Assurance Team by providing assistance to testers and support personnel as needed to determine system problems.
  • Provide product content to Technical Writers.
  • Attend department meetings and provide input to establish and improve departmental processes and procedures.
  • Maintain relationships with other department involved in product sustainment
  • Assign or reallocate duties to personnel to meet various workload pressures and variations where necessary.
  • Monitor and control the activities and performance of staff under his/her supervision with guidance from management.
  • Ensure staff understands corporate policies and procedures.
  • Work with management to ensure appropriately qualified and/or experienced personnel are recruited and trained.
  • May perform Sr Software Engineering responsibilities if necessary.
  • If asked to be a core team member, perform the following additional responsibilities:
  • Participate in product planning throughout the product life cycle
  • Conduct technical/function reviews for their function
  • Engage with extended team members as needed
  • Contribute and execute with excellence their component of the Integrated Business Plan, Integrated Project Plan, and the Integrated Launch Plan
  • Accountable for the business success of the project
  • Resolve product and process issues
  • Effectively communicate throughout and across the organizations at all levels (peers, subordinates, management, executives)

Preferred Education

Bachelor’s Degree or global equivalent in Computer Science or related discipline.

Work Experience

Typically 7 or more years of experience in software development, Level 2 Support or related field with 2 or more years experience as a team lead, project manager or manager.

Skills & Competencies

  • People and management skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Communications skills.
  • Ability to work with a minimal amount of direction.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Ability to perform under pressure.
  • Strong technical knowledge in areas of product focus.
  • Skilled in time management.
  • Ability to prioritize workload.
  • Able to team across the Company’s Development groups and with other disciplines.
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