Powerfully protect your data with cloud backup and recovery

High-performance data protection capabilities wrapped into an agile, easily deployable solution. Choose a public cloud service or ours.

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Bolster your data protection strategy without increasing your workload

Many IT teams are pursuing cloud storage for its technical and economic benefits, but often stop short due to complexity and security concerns. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) safeguards your virtual and physical systems with cloud backup and recovery technologies designed to deliver unprecedented simplicity and complete security of your data, 100% of the time.

Comprehensive cloud backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention for small and overstretched IT teams

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Increase resiliency

Eliminate data loss and meet demanding recovery point objectives (RPOs); all with automatic replication from an on-premise recovery point server (RPS) to a corresponding RPS in the cloud. You manage the entire backup process from one elegantly simple user console—specifying the backup source, destination, and retention.

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Save time and money

Slash the cost of secondary sites, infrastructure, and personnel, while simplifying your IT ecosphere to improve productivity. Through one highly-scalable solution, Arcserve UDP enables durable cloud storage for long-term retention and high-performance disaster recovery without the need to layer on additional complex point products.

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Remove complexity

Configure and manage all aspects of your cloud backup and recovery strategy with unprecedented ease. Powered by award-winning data availability capabilities, a single user console gives you complete visibility to schedule backups, manage restores, and failover/failback.

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Guarantee system recoverability

Ensure your irreplaceable data is fully protected and available offsite with non-disruptive disaster recovery testing across physical, virtual, and cloud-based replica servers. Service-level reporting provides evidence of system recoverability for internal stakeholders.

Resilient cloud backup and recovery technology, with your cloud or ours

Even if you're among the few who meticulously perform consistent backups, moving data to the cloud optimizes agility and provides organizations with cost-effective disaster recovery and data security. Designed to remove complexity from your IT infrastructure, Arcserve UDP enables you to meet end-to-end data availability needs with single solution simplicity.

Whether your best-fit is through an Arcserve MSP or a public cloud service, Arcserve extends its proven on-premise data protection technologies with robust capabilities in the cloud:

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Instantly run physical and virtual systems with full failover and failback capabilities in an emergency or on an as-needed basis
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Increase the speed and agility of recovery with instant VM recovery, virtual standby, and instant bare metal recovery
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Reduce your backup storage footprint by up to 95% with global, source-side data deduplication and WAN-optimized replication
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Automatically replicate backups to the cloud and easily restore back to your local machines when needed
Enjoy affordable, multi-tiered disaster recovery and long-term data retention through a private or public cloud service, including: Amazon, Azure, Eucalyptus, and Rackspace
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Complete disaster recovery and business continuity with the Arcserve® Cloud

The successful deployment of cloud backup solutions requires a robust on-premise data protection platform. We make it turnkey by offering both: enterprise-grade data availability technology, easily delivered through our private cloud. Simply deploy our award-winning software or appliances and add on our cloud service, Arcserve Cloud, for a complete disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution.

No longer do you need to purchase and maintain your own infrastructure, or juggle multiple service licenses. Together, the Arcserve UDP platform and the Arcserve Cloud deliver complete cloud backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention.

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The RPS replication capability is exactly what we’d been looking for. It enables our clients to do backup in the cloud, as well as DR in the cloud, without bandwidth issues, thanks to the global deduplication feature.

Sean Dendle, Director

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Guard against ransomware attacks

Thwart attackers with a robust backup and cloud-based disaster recovery strategy.

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Business continuity is a business problem

Avoid the top ten disaster recovery pitfalls by taking a more comprehensive approach to business continuity.

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